Eye Disease Simulator

The world's most advanced.

Mixed Reality

See life through
new eyes

With cutting-edge eye tracking & stereoscopic 3D video ophthalmologists, educators, patients, and students can experience eye diseases like never before.

Simulations include
AMD, Glaucoma, and Diabetic Retinopathy

Explore your real environment with EDS.

Empathy for all

Improve Patient Outcomes

From better educating the next generation of doctors, to transforming a loved one's perspective at-home - Eye Disease Simulator improves the complete patient picture.

Who Benefits?

O.D.s + M.D.s

Revolutionize patient consultation and education, offering practitioners a unique tool to illustrate various eye diseases. The simulation facilitates clearer patient comprehension, reducing education times and enhancing patient adherence to treatment plans. Moreover, utilizing the Eye Disease Simulator in practices yields a positive ROI, as the enhanced patient understanding leads to more efficient consultations and more successful treatment outcomes.

Patients + Caregivers

For patients and their loved ones, the Eye Disease Simulator is a game-changer. It bridges the gap between medical jargon and patient comprehension, offering a clearer understanding of the patient's condition. It fosters empathy among loved ones by providing them an insight into what the patient is experiencing, hence cultivating a supportive environment for the patient.

Higher Education

Eye Disease Simulator serves as an immersive learning tool. It can offer students studying ophthalmology and related medical fields a unique opportunity to understand and explore various eye diseases in a controlled and detailed virtual environment. This hands-on experience significantly enhances the quality of learning, making complex concepts more accessible and engaging for students.

Designers & Architects

Leveraging its unique functionality, designers can place CADD models, virtual environments, and objects in the headset experience while simulating a visual impairment. This immersive understanding can identify design flaws early, lowering costs, and encouraging designs that accommodate diverse user needs. The Eye Disease Simulator positions designers not just as creators, but as empathetic innovators.

Awareness + Advocacy

Eye Disease Simulator amplifies awareness initiatives and advocacy movements with its immersive, empathetic experiences. Legislators formulating health policies to community members participating in a charity 5K can gain first-hand insights into the difficulties of living with eye diseases. This powerful exposure not only elevates public understanding but also ignites a compelling wave of empathy, fostering enduring support for individuals navigating these conditions.

Pharma Companies

For pharmaceutical firms, it provides an unprecedented method to demonstrate the effectiveness of their treatments to doctors & patients visually, simulating the potential slowdown of diseases like Glaucoma and AMD. This tangible demonstration is a powerful tool for encouraging better patient adherence, leading to more consistent drug usage.

Insurance Providers

An effective early-stage intervention tool like the Eye Disease Simulator promotes preventative care. Better patient education and adherence reduces long-term health risks, thereby lowering associated costs. The simulator effectively bridges the gap between these sectors, aligning their interests in a way that ultimately benefits patients.

Drive revenue

Increase Conversions

By experiencing the disease's future progression 1st hand, patients are significantly more likely to adhere to doctor recommended medications, treatments, appointment schedules, and lifestyle changes. This leads to both significantly better health outcomes for patients, and much higher revenues for providers.

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Proprietary app built on Unity
Meta Quest Pro
In-Headset Control Methods
Hand-tracked touch interface or handheld controllers
Remote Control Methods
Control and monitor headset content remotely via any PC, Tablet, or Mobile device
Disease Simulations
Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy
Guided Experiences
Fully narrated, hands free intro to each disease
Multiple Patents Pending with USPTO
Retail Price
Optometrists, Ophthalmologists, Schools, Architecture Firms, & more
The next evolution of simulation.
Shedding new light on eye disease.